Classimo is a family-owned furniture manufacturer located in the production area of Piano Tavola (Catania, Italy). During the course of the last 50 years Classimo has been an industry leader in the production of wooden furniture frames, upholstered furniture, tables and beds.

Classimo employs the best available modern woodworking technology and machinery for the manufacturing of its products. Each piece of furniture is further processed by hand by our skilled master craftsmen. The company’s technical office is responsible for the creation of new models based on the designs or samples supplied by the clients.

For the last seven years our painting, decoration and upholstery departments allowed Classimo to export exquisite finished products in U.S., Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Finally, Classimo is interested in expanding its network of contractors, retailers and talents to further establish its presence both in Italy and overseas.

Via Mongibello, 154/C, 95040 Piano Tavola CT - P.IVA 0316 546 0878

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